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A54 speed problem
The Parish Council has recently conducted a survey of residents along Bye-Pass Road to put together a case for the reduction of the speed limit on that part of the main road and for the improvement of the safety of crossing points. CW&C has indicated on a couple of occasions that the road is adequate but the chorus of concerns from residents has prompted the Parish Council to try again.
The Council has been pleased to obtain the help of a new resident to Tarvin who happens to be a Chartered Transport Planner. He has had an opportunity to look at the original report produced by CW&C and the recent survey results. At the Parish Council meeting on Monday (March 21st) a draft report was made available to Councillors.

The draft report highlights the many reasons that residents have to cross the road — all of the village amenities lie to the south of the A54. The report also looks at the use of pedestrian refuges and the "desire lines" that take pedestrians to both the Co-op and the cut through to the High Street.

There have been a number of changes to speed limits to neighbouring roads recently, particularly on the A51 through Duddon and Clotton and there are reductions planned from Iddenshall Hall towards Tarporley Roundabout. While acknowledging that the presence of the School on the main road in Duddon may have been a major element in that case, the Parish Council hopes that the location of all village amenities to the south of the A54 may be an equally compelling reason for change.

Once further work is done on the report it will be sent to the Highways Department. The Parish Council is delighted that it will be able to present a well-researched and well-argued case written to a professional standard in technical language that should resonate with highway engineers. The Parish Council is very grateful for the help it has received in getting to this stage.

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  • Bruce

    Could the council look at the possibility of reducing the speed limit on Heath Drive.
    It amazes me how fast parents speed away from the school after dropping their children off with little regard for others. I am fully aware of of the difficulties of trying to get to work on time or maintain a schedule where your children are involved but surely less haste could potentially mean the difference between life or death.
    Local councils can set their own speed limits in certain areas, and these must be clearly signed.

    For example:

    20 mph zone in a built-up area near a school

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