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Sadly, I have to start this week's report with news of a fatal collision on the A534 near Broxton which involved a motorcyclist and occurred last Sunday afternoon. Sundays are a popular day for motorcyclists to go out, so motorists need to be especially mindful to look out for them. At the same time, motorcyclists need to make sure that they ride safely and also consider that a motorist may not have seen them, especially in sunny weather when there are areas of deep shadow which may conceal a smaller vehicle such as a motorbike.

A male has reported that whilst he was driving between Norley and Frodsham, he was flagged down by an Eastern European looking female, aged 25-30. When he stopped his vehicle and got out to see if she was ok, he was attacked by an Eastern European male, also 25-30, who demanded his phone and keys. The victim managed to fight them off at which point they ran away. This time last year, police received a number of reports about Eastern Europeans trying to flag vehicles down and sell fake gold jewellery. Please exercise appropriate caution if stopping for anyone you don't know.

Police have responded to a lot of reports about suspicious people and vehicles this week. A number of these reports have resulted in stop checks of people who are well known to police, therefore probably deterring them from going on to commit offences at that time. Another such report resulted in two males being arrested near Eaton on Friday, following a number of burglaries in the area. I cannot stress how important it is for members of the public to contact police as soon as possible and with as much detailed information as possible, when they witness any suspicious activity.

At the risk of repeating myself, I must also highlight that there continue to be a large number of thefts from insecure barns and outbuildings across the area. There have been a number this week in the Darnhall area near Winsford as well as offences in Marlston-cum-Lache, Balderton and Pulford. In order to deter offenders, it is important for farms and rural dwellings to put in place effective security measures to stop prowlers wandering onto private land, to hide valuable equipment or lock it down and also to consider erecting some form of CCTV to further deter potential offenders from coming into view.

There have been two thefts from vehicles reported this week, both during the day whilst the vehicles were parked in rural car parking areas frequented by people out walking or engaged in other leisure activities. In both cases, expensive electrical equipment was stolen from the vehicle. Please do NOT leave valuables on display!

There has again been a report about a van driving around the Frodsham area, offering items for sale. Items sold in this manner will almost certainly be stolen or faulty, meaning that you either risk committing an offence by buying stolen items, or paying out for something which does not work and with no opportunity of a refund! Please continue to report any such activity so that police can speak to these people at the time and make appropriate checks on the property being offered!Lastly,

Frodsham officers have executed a couple of warrants this week. A quantity of drugs was recovered from one warrant whilst at the other warrant, stolen vehicles, drugs and other property of police interest was recovered. Enquiries are continuing into both cases.


Inspector Keith Curbishley