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The Community Centre is saddened to hear that Iddenshall Hall have decided to suspend their regular visits. Since September last year they have come once a month to offer tea, coffee and exceedingly nice cakes, to Tarvin residents.


The Activities Co-ordinator, Lynne Loughlin explained that, despite the warmth of the welcome, the event was very heavy on staff time. If two bus trips were made then for some residents, the afternoon was almost over before it began. The timing of the event was also constrained by the internal timetable within Iddenshall itself. The event has also found it difficult to attract sufficient local visitors on a regular basis.

However there have been some wonderful memories. The W.I. have been great supporters, and the Christmas concert organised by some members of the Kelsbarrow Choir was much appreciated. Perhaps the highlight was the singalongs performed by some of the younger visitors, once an informal session organised by some Mums and the other, a visit by the Pre-School.

Sue Hardacre for the Community Centre explains "I am delighted that we took the trouble to extend our reach to Iddenshall Hall and I know that making our activities known to the residents has been welcomed. I think perhaps I underestimated the level of frailty experienced by some of the residents and the amount of time, effort and care it takes to get people to such events. I am in awe of the care and attention shown by the staff and I do hope that there may be opportunities to welcome them and the Iddenshall Hall residents to Tarvin again soon."

Iddenshall Hall do invite residents to join them there for afternoon tea, and these events will be advertised so that people can take the opportunity to continue the friendships they may have begun in Tarvin.
An invitation has gone out to Iddenshall residents to join the community for the Village Fete and perhaps, with a bit of forward planning, a Christmas event can be arranged as well.

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