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Cheshire West and Chester Council is anticipating a 13% cut in its Central Government grant for the financial year 2015/16 which begins on 1 April.
Anticipating this cut some service reductions are already planned: for example, the Green Bin recycling will be suspended between November 2015 and March 2016.

But what other services are likely to be reduced? The consequence of earlier cuts can already be seen in and around the village. For example, weeds grow in our gutters which are not swept regularly, footpath maintenance seems almost to have stopped, Highways-owned hedges are not cut regularly and potholes go unrepaired for too long.

Are we entering an era where services that used to be provided by the local authority will either not be provided at all or will be provided at a far lower standard, or where services will be provided by unpaid volunteers from the community? We all know someone in our community who already volunteers to do something that interests them and, at the same time, benefits the community.
Examples include the Woodland Trust, the Community Centre, the organisers of the Christmas Market and Summer Fete, the many clubs and societies and of course this community website.

However, would there be enthusiastic volunteers to take over functions currently carried out by paid employees? If you think the answer to this question is "yes", what do you think volunteers could be asked to do? Conversely what should they never be asked to do?
I would be very interested in your views on these questions — you can email

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