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I never cease to surprise myself ( but not my wife) at how many things I glibly trot out only to crumble when asked for clarification. I just hate follow up questions just like the Prime Minister at Question Time.
For example it goes like this:
"When should I take my Christmas decorations down?" Twelfth night of course. And when exactly is that? Its January the 5th — or is it the 6th?

In the end its back to basics.

First of all when are the 12 days of Christmas? Now I know the song and what my true love gave to me each day but when should she have started? Since medieval times Boxing Day was the start of the 12 days. So with 6 days until the end of December the 12th day would be January 6th. But there is general agreement ( I think) that twelfth night in 2015 is in fact Monday 5th January!. How come its not the night of Tuesday 6th. January ie the 12th day?
The best explanation I have seen is that it was only in recent times that a new day started at midnight ( even though it was still dark). Centuries ago a new day started after the sun went down with the oncoming night being part of the next day . So the night belonging to the 12th day ie Tuesday the 6th January is in fact the previous night ie the night of Monday 5th as we know it.

Glad that's all clear and sorted then!

Why all this pre-amble and waffle ?

Traditionally most people would say it is bad luck ( ie superstitution) to keep your Christmas Decorations up beyond Twelfth Night. That includes getting your real Christmas tree stripped of all its lights, baubles, tinsels and whatever and ready for recycling!

christmas tree

Are you wondering what to do with your tree?
Recycling in your green bin is the best answer. You can cut up your Christmas trees and place into your green wheeled bin ready for your next scheduled garden waste collection which resumes week commencing Monday 5 January 2015. Doesn't that fit in well!
(Check your own collection calendar for your collection dates)

CWaC says please ensure that the lid can be closed after placing your cut up tree inside the bin.
(Ed. You know what will happen if you don't)

A household waste recycling centre will also take your Christmas tree and there are seven centres in West Cheshire:
For Tarvin residents the nearest are at Tattenhall, Chester and Frodsham.

What happens to the tree?
Well You can find out what happens to all the types of recycling collected including garden waste by visiting the recycle first website