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Question 4 of questions posed to our Parliamentary Candidates :

Our membership of the EEC is one of the major topics of this Election especially as the UK appears to be putting in more than we get in return! If you are elected in May how would you ensure that rural economies in the UK benefit more from continued membership of the EEC or would you seek to remove the UK from it altogether?

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Conservatives:"I would like to see a Conservative Government renegotiate our terms with the EU. We joined the EU originally as a Union to promote trade, and not political union. Only the Conservatives can deliver a referendum on the EU where each UK citizen can have their say on whether they want to be in or out of Europe."

Lib Dem:"Our relationship with the European Union is often portrayed in the media as one sided. However there is a very strong net benefit to being members of the EU in terms of access to the largest and most prosperous single market in the world and effect that has on Jobs and Growth.

UKIP:"The answer and I'm sure it will come as no surprise to your readers is that the UK should become a sovereign nation, free to trade with but be ungoverned by the EU! This would enable trade with our commonwealth to be unstymied by the EU and more government funding would be available for projects based in the UK. There is only one party offering withdrawal and indeed only one party with a sincere proposal with regards to an EU referendum (the three main parties have offered these previously and reneged).

Ed:"We have selected these interesting answers from each candidate, all of their answers, in full, are available to download here

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