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Graeme Waterfield Practicing Tai Chi

Just over two years ago, the need for more space brought the Tai Chi class from the Parish Rooms to the Community Centre. However, as sometimes happens with group activities, the numbers have declined a little recently and the class is looking to welcome new members.

Tai Chi is one of the many forms of martial arts that developed many centuries ago in China. While some forms still retain their martial aspect, modern forms have been created that emphasise the health-giving aspects. The form offered in Tarvin is called Infinite Tai Chi and combines meditative practice with a series of flowing movements that create a feeling of calm. It is suitable for people of all ages and any level of fitness.

Tai Chi encourages participants to still their minds and to tune out the constant mental chatter that fills most waking hours. While an active consciousness is a very normal process, individuals can become stressed by thoughts of what has been, what might be or what ought to be. Tai Chi creates a space where, for a brief space of time, the concentration is focused on just what is, right now in this moment. The hours' lesson starts with 15 min of quiet meditation before starting a series of movements that seek to focus both the body, the breathing and the mind to create a feeling of calm and wellbeing. Tai Chi is often called "Meditation to Movement".

The sessions are organised by Ashworth Timebank and the leader is Graeme Waterfield, a practitioner of many years' experience. Under his expert and gentle guidance newcomers soon learn the sequence of movements, which soon become instinctive. However, there is no pressure to 'perform' or reach an expert standard, individuals move in a way that is comfortable to them.

Classes are at 1.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. They are £5 per individual session or £35 for a block of 10. For more information please call 01829 751398 or just come along to a session where a very warm welcome awaits.
To see how Tai Chi looks when practised by an expert watch Graeme on

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