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After an event last Saturday there was broken glass on the field along with the usual overnight rubbish that is regularly collected. The glass is dangerous as are upturned bottle tops as its hidden in the long grass but that's a different issue. My concern here was the pile of rubbish around the very large bin at the top of the playing field.

The large bin near the tennis courts and the small one in the play area were overflowing. I enquired of the PC why and have learnt it was supposed to be collected the day after the event and that it was in hand to get it collected. Well, it's now 18:00 on Thursday and having seen a vehicle in the turning circle near the CC, I was under the impression, all bins had been emptied and rubbish cleared. I decided to go for a walk in the sunshine before my evening meal.

Upon entering the playing field from the top end I was disgusted and my olfactory sense was awoken. The pictures included show the state of the place. Neither of the large bins have been emptied and all the rubbish is still around the bin at the top. It's clearly being scavenged by cats, dogs, foxes, rats and it now smells. It tells people entering the car park/playing field that Tarvin doesn't care about hygiene or the community. What message are we sending out? Thankfully the 2 small bins in and near the children's play area have been emptied today. However, seeing the state of those yesterday I asked myself, what is the mentality of people putting un-bagged, used disposable nappies in a bin, that was clearly full, so that they fall out onto the floor? How hygienic is that"

This is not a grumble at the hosts of Saturday's event who, I'm sure, were under the impression that the rubbish would be cleared promptly. I suggest that for similar events in the future, the hire of a small skip by event holders or the Parish Council, would probably be a better option?

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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