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As was reported after the Parish Council meeting in February, every month the Council considers an extensive list of outstanding items where a satisfactory outcome has not been obtained. The majority of these are things that fall within the responsibility of CW&C. At the meeting on March 27th the Council agreed to list all the items and send it to the Leader of the Council with a demand that action be taken soon.

The items to be included are:

Re-instatement of a Hedgerow, Austin's Hill

Blocked Footpath Platts Lane/Old Moss

Hedge Cutting — The Ridgeway

Brown village signsA54/A51 — order placed March 2015

Siting of the Co-op sign, A54

Improvements to Bus Shelter — expected completion date April 2016

There is no doubt that writing to the person at the top of an organisation can be effective. No one likes to receive criticism and an order from the top can often galvanise staff into action. Pester power can shift a particular request up the pecking order, though this technique is probably used by most Parish Councils to advance their individual concerns.

However, this action must be seen in the light of the changed circumstances that CW&C, like all local authorities, now find themselves. This week CW&C announced that they are considering vacating their new HQ in Chester, scattering staff throughout existing offices in the area. Though this move is dressed in terms that speak of greater flexibility of working and a commitment to locally based employment, the core aim is surely to save money. Such a move will unsettle and demotivate staff, but must also concentrate their efforts on what are considered core and essential services.

How the needs of Tarvin rate in this new scheme is difficult to judge. We are all ratepayers and have a right to ask for services in return, but may have to come to the unwelcome conclusion that the level of service provision we have enjoyed in the past will not be available in the future. This is a problem that the Parish Council will have to deal with and it may not be easily solved by a letter to the Leader.

For more details of the plans to move the HQ go to yourwestcheshire

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