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Our article on the 2nd of February received a number of comments on Facebook from residents in Tarvin regarding the dangers of crossing the road outside the Co-Op, whether its speeding in excess of the 40mph limit, or the last minute turns into the Co-Op due to the positioning of the sign.

The Parish Council and Tarvinonline are campaigning to make this road safer for pedestrians and for drivers too! In the latest Tarvin Times, the Parish Council is "gathering specific information about the population affected. In particular, the Parish Council is undertaking a survey to find out the numbers and ages of people affected by the road in order to present specific information to strengthen the case for change."

"If you are affected by the issue and have information please contact the Parish Clerk, or any Parish Councillor (contact details in Tarvin Times), or Tarvinonline using the Comment button below."

Here are some of the messages received on our Facebook Page:
"What also is needed, is another traffic island between the two existing ones by the Co-op and the New Village Chinese for safer crossing."

"I travel along this road, I see people around the Co-op crossing the road, and very rarely at the island....."

"Thank you Tarvin Online, it is great to see you on board with this. There are so many children living in Millside Close and the road presents a real risk to their independence when they reach the age where they should be able to access the village amenities without an adult. They will also be obliged to cross this road at rush hour each morning to get the bus to high school which is of great concern. Tarvin has so much to offer the families of Millside close but sadly the road acts like a barrier at times, I hope that we can get together and do something."

"Also there needs to be pedestrian access from the pavement into the Co-Op. At the moment you have to either climb up the grass bank or risk using the vehicle entrance."

"The question is, have the development designers and the council planning office considered the safety of the potential residents. If they had maybe this development should not have gone ahead. But then again why should the safety of the residents stand in the way of profit."

"Is another option to introduce a zebra crossing or similar rather than reducing the speed? Yes it is up to individuals to use it or not, but that is their risk. At least that way though you don't necessarily have to amend the limit for all traffic 24x7. Worth having as a fall back option maybe."

"Pedestrian access into the Co-Op is really needed!! So dangerous with a pram and a dog!!"

"Keep building houses and expect the roads to get quieter. The council has a obligation for the safety of the community. Will only get worse if something isn't done to improve the infrastructure into Chester."

"The Co-op sign is too far back — you don't see it until almost upon it. Coming from Kelsall, the unaware driver will need to brake sharply. From Chester, a last second swerve and break into the middle reservation. Needs bringing forward."

"Would a pedestrian refuge solve the problem. If East Cheshire can install them at Barbridge for the occasional bus passenger wanting to cross the road, we must have as good a case here?"

"Extend the 40 to the junction ok that makes sense time for people to adjust but speed is not the problem the sheer volume of traffic on the road is the problem . The funny part about this is if you drop the speed anymore the density of vehicles will rise and cause more problems . The true problems are not for people crossing the road as they have two crossings to use if they are not to lazy to walk to them . The truth is people waiting to drive on to the byepass from the estate or there drive when the road is clear cars come out of the coop car park then the car park is clear cars are moving on the road that is the true problem . The more people you try to put in a small area the more problems you will get but developers only see money, problems they have no interest in. "

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