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TCC Back Room Project June 2016
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The work on the new lounge in the Community Centre is taking shape very quickly. After what seemed like an endless wait while the bureaucratic niceties were sorted, the building contractors arrived very promptly. The work is now in the fourth week of a planned eight week building programme.

The first job undertaken was to isolate the work from the Hall so that activities could continue to take place. 1.5 metres were taken and securely screened off, which has kept much of the dust away from users. The construction crew have also been very considerate of users needing quiet, so that life for clubs and organisations has gone on reasonable peacefully. The Committee do appreciate the patience shown by everyone during the building works.

In the first week, when all the internal walls were taken down, the space looked huge. Since then the partitions for the storage area and the disabled-access toilet have reduced the lounge area, but the space remaining is still substantial.

Part of the early work was to connect up the new drains. Those of you who have some knowledge of the Community Centre may know that the working of the drains has been a problem for some time. The Committee still shudder at the memory when the drain in the storage room threatening to overflow during a packed performance of Frozen. Extensive work by CW&C contractors and sterling efforts by the Chairman with his drain rods have improved things recently. However when the floor tiles of the rear room were lifted an unknown inspection cover was found. When that was lifted it revealed......well, let's just say that pictures of the exposed blockage are not available for reasons of public decency! Thanks again to those drain rods, that problem has been solved.

The plastering is nearly complete and soon the second-fix electrics and plumbing will be starting. To the rear of the building the bin store has been knocked down and re-positioned to give wider and easier access to the rear doors. This will be especially useful for theatre companies or music groups who will be able to get bulky equipment into the Hall so much quicker and easier.

The Committee is delighted with the progress being made by the contractors, Novus Property Solutions, and are looking forward to showing the wider community, who have supported the organisation with such enthusiasm, the results of all the hard work.

Watch this space....

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