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In an article on 30th June, we reported what seemed to be a portable loo on the grass verge opposite the new Taylor Wimpey estate. As it had the name Tardis of Doctor Who fame written on it, it lead to speculation that perhaps aliens were paying a visit to Tarvin!

It is easy to discount this as the result of an overactive imagination. However, when on a recent walk through the woodland you come across a very large green version of the containers usually seen on a dockside, you are inclined to wonder. Could this be an invasion rather than a visit and could this container be a disguised alien mother-ship!

Having seen the new notices requesting cyclists to dismount and walk their bikes through the woodland, a more likely answer was that this might be a modern version of the "village lockup", a place to incarcerate disobedient cyclists! Or, perhaps a tee room to raise funds for the Woodland Trust!

However, soon afterward we came across two Woodland Trust members who were carrying out an ornithological survey to determine planting plans to attract new feather friends to the area in the future. They provide us with the authoritative answer that it really is just a container and that it had been acquired to store the bits and bobs need for maintenance work on the woodland.

Ed: On a more serious note we were informed that the survey had also revealed that of four bird feeders provided by the Woodland Trust, two were missing and a broken one had just been found in the undergrowth!

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