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For the second time recently we have to report on the disappearance of something the Community thought they had. First it was the New Homes Bonus where we had become used to having the money coming in and being able to plan for the future. Then all of a sudden (in political terms) it was gone.

And this time its the buses.

arriva 84 bus

Yesterday I walked down to the nearest bus stop to catch the "84" bus into Chester. Now I was never prejudiced about whether it would be an 84 bus or a C84 bus. Whichever turned up would be fine since I was a Senior with my bus pass which worked on either (unlike any poor season ticket holders).
When the 84 had its services through Tarvin cut down to hourly then I was very grateful to the new company that filled the gap with a C84 service.
To my surprise on the bus stop wall was a sign saying the C84 service had been stopped at short notice on the 27th March and that CWAC would be producing a new timetable!

That lasted even less time than the New Homes Bonus. I am seldom superstitious but what is the third event lurking and waiting to surprise us?

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