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We know this sounds like a military operation but really its a property marking scheme.
Some key points are:

  • The scheme involves individual items in a home being marked with something that is unique to that particular household.
  • There is a central data base of all homes in the scheme.
  • Each house displays a sticker to show that they are in the scheme.
  • Once an area enters the scheme signs on street furniture advertise the fact.
  • If a marked item is stolen and then recovered it can easily be re-united with the owner.

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    Ideally the police would like whole communities covered, as in fact has been the case in Malpas, but realistically as there is a cost they would hope and expect the most vulnerable areas in a community would be covered first.
    At the moment the scheme has been rolled out in the south of the rural areas as well as the north, leaving out parishes like Tarvin.

Does it work?

The data seems to suggest yes as where it has been implemented burglaries have been reduced by between 50% and 60%. The message to thieves is basically "Go somewhere else".
If this is the message then surely we need to do something similar to avoid being targeted as the "easy option" by thieves?
As ever cost comes into the equation and the police hope that bodies like our PC will sponsor the scheme for their area. If we covered every property in Tarvin parish we would need to spend over £13,000.
Why not raise it at the next PC meeting in the Open Forum if you think this would be money well spent or perhaps we could to do a partial cover?
What do you think?

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