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The Parish Council has received a final reply from West Cheshire Council Highways Department concerning the speed limit changes in Oscroft. Though they have agreed to the addition of 30 mph roundels on the road surface, they state that the changes agreed are the only ones that can be justified by the surveys that they have carried out.

The changes are;

Tarporley Road along Cross Lanes will be reduced to 40mph and the 30 mph sign removed to the Tarvin Side of the small bridge.

On Shay Lane, the stretch of road between Brook House and the existing 30 mph sign will carry a 40 mph limit.

Willington Road from 30mph limit in Oscroft to Oaklea — 50mph

Changing road speeds involves a set legal process with a statutory consultation exercise being the starting point. CW&C are preparing a questionnaire which will be delivered and collected by Parish Councillors with help from local residents. While the results can't be anticipated, a number of Oscroft residents have said loud and clear that they are dissatisfied with the conclusions reached by Highways (as they don't go far enough), so the results of this consultation are eagerly anticipated. This issue remains live and the Parish Council will pursue this matter until a conclusion has been reached.

Highways also suggested that the request for flashing signs be reconsidered after the new scheme had had a chance to indicate its effectiveness, so the Parish Council agreed that six months would be a reasonable time to give. They also agreed to keep a close eye on the progress of the changes so that they were implemented sooner rather than later.
On a related issue, the PCSO who attended the Parish Council meeting reported that he had conducted a recent speed survey in Oscroft and had informally cautioned 7 drivers for speeding — between 40 and 50 mph — in a 45 minute period. Though he mentioned no names of course, he did reiterate that well known fact that, in cases of this sort, it was usually locals who were the problem, and not strangers!

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