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This Timeline was last updated on 17/12/2017

Chrestos: Detailed planning




  • Public Meeting shows support for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Tarvin Parish


  • Parish Council agrees to preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Develops Terms of Reference for a Steering Committee which is duly formed.
  • Agreement on the boundary for the Plan Area.
  • Preparation of the first Questionnaire

June 2015

  • First Questionnaire Distributed

September 2015

  • Analysis of first Questionnaire
  • Agreement on Plan structure
  • Start made on drafting sections of the Plan

January 2016

  • Preparation of Habitat and Wildlife Review
  • Preparation of Second Questionnaire

May 2016

  • Distribution of Second Questionnaire

September 2016

  • Analysis of Second Questionnaire
  • Revision of Plan Sections

November 2016

  • Completion of first full draft of the Plan

December 2016

  • Council Review first full draft of the Plan

January 2017

  • Review and Revision of Plan based on Parish Council comments
  • Additional information on Housing, Transport, Health and Economic Development incorporated
  • All Policies reviewed and revised.

October 2017

Second full draft of the Plan reviewed with the Parish Council and agreement was given to proceed with the submission of the Plan for Consultation

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