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Tarvin residents will be familiar with the small road that links the High Street to Bye-Pass Road 50 meters east of the New Village Restaurant, though they may not be aware of its formal name. It is used by both pedestrians and vehicles as a short cut into and out of the village.

At the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 4th May a member of the public queried its safety and suggested that the Parish Council consider asking the Highways Authority to close the lane to vehicular traffic.
In the past, the Parish Council has been asked to intervene in the issue of cutting back the thick hedgerow adjoining the road, but this is the first time they have been asked to look at its status as a highway. The Parish Council would like to canvass the views of the public before discussing the topic and suggests that there are four options-

* Close the road to all motorised transport but keeping the road as a pedestrian/bicycle route
* Create a one-way road from Bye-Pass Road (A54) to the High Street
* Create a one -way road from the High Street to Bye-Pass Road (A54)
* Keep the road status as it is

This may well be a contentious issue, for among the three members of the public present at the Parish Council meeting on Monday (May 22nd) there were three different views! Any decision about the road lies with the CW&C Highways authority and NOT with the Parish Council. It should also be remembered that such changes must be done legally, following a procedure that will most likely involve a degree of time and expense.

Please let the Parish Council have your comments. Contact any councillor or get in touch with The Clerk, Mike Hassall on 01829 741075 or by email om You can also comment via Tarvin Online

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  • Brian Graham

    As a user of this road every day I think it would be best if it was one way from the High Street to the A54. If heading towards Kelsall I use this road as it relieves some of the pressure on the junction at the end of High Street, but I always come into the village via the junction at the end of High Street.

  • Mark axon

    As a resident on bypass road Surely reducing the excessive speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph will make the A54 a safer place from the Tarvin roundabout up past the road to the dairy? Why incur the unnecessary cost to change the layout of the road to achieve what exactly? Also , why have the village roads been resurfaced with no investment to improve the extremely noisy bypass road surface?

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