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For many residents, one of the attractions of Tarvin is the ease at which you can walk straight out into the countryside.

Many people complete the loop that takes them along Broomheath Lane and across the A51 to Bruen Stapleford, then right past Sheaf Farm towards the Roman bridges, and right again past Hockenhull Hall to recross the A51 and onto Hockenhull Lane.
The first crossing of the main road (Broomheath Lane) is protected by railings on both sides, the latter on Hockenhull Lane is not. The Parish Council feels that pedestrian safety would be enhanced by railings on the east (village) side of the crossing on Hockenhull Lane.

When the new by-pass was built many years ago it was decided that vehicles may want to cross there from the village to the B.U.T. Hatchery opposite Hockenhull Hall. Hence the heavy, full-width farm gate just beyond Tarvin Community Woodland and the absence of a protective barrier on the A51. With the closure of the hatchery, this gate is no longer needed, and with the growth of Tarvin's population, more and more people are using the crossing. Traffic numbers on this road are also growing. The Parish Council would like CW&C to act before a serious accident happens.

The Highways Department have declined to act further stating that a safety inspection has been carried out and that there is little they can do to improve it. They also added that there has been no reportable accident on that stretch of road since 1980. The Parish Council feel that this is short-sighted and will raise this matter again.

If they, CWaC, continue to refuse then three suggestions were made by the Parish Council that might improve things, and be deliverable at a lower cost.

1 — If the vegetation on the bend of the A51 to the right of the crossing (in photo) was cut back by several feet, then the sight lines for both pedestrians and cars would be increased, giving a vital few more seconds for each to react to the other.

2 — The current wide gate is heavy and unwieldy, especially if dogs/small children/ buggies are part of the mix. Consequently the gate is often left open. A smaller, lighter gate may encourage pedestrians to slow down and shut it more frequently.

3 — Better signage on the A51 to warn motorists of the pedestrian crossings ahead.

The Parish Council will continue to pursue this with CW&C and report back when a reply has been received.

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