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Message from Inspector Keith Curbishley

Rural Cheshire is a popular destination for a great many visitors. There are many events organised across the whole area during the summer. Our local officers as well as specialist Traffic officers do their best to keep the roads safe and clear. Please support them by reporting any dangerous use of the roads that you see.

At risk of repeating myself, I am going to stress to everyone, the importance of maintaining good security during the hot weather and over the holiday period. Please do NOT leave windows open whilst you are out, or in rooms that you cannot monitor whilst you are out enjoying your back gardens — burglars will use the excuse that they are out for a walk, whilst identifying easy properties to break into. Lock your windows when out or away from the house and open them again when you return!

Please also make sure that you take positive measures to secure your house and to make it appear occupied whilst you are away on holiday. The easiest way is to utilise a trustworthy family member or neighbor to pop in frequently to open and close curtains, remove mail and turn lights on & off. If this is not possible, make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked with more than one strong lock and make sure that valuables are not left on display.

I would also like to remind you to take your common sense with you when you go away on holiday — all too often, people relax their common sense security precautions when they go away and leave valuables and cash unattended on the beach, or flash large quantities of cash around in less developed countries where pick-pockets are rife.
Don't carry round unnecessarily large quantities of cash and secure valuables in your hotel or room safe. Also, make sure that you know the telephone number for the emergency services in the country that you are visiting. Such simple measures should help to make sure that your holiday is every bit as relaxing as you hope it will be.

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