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Please note that this report is for LAST week, its late arrival due to injury.
Another report will follow shortly for this week.

  • A BMW vehicle was stolen from an address in Heathways, Tarporley, probably about 04.00am on Monday morning. It is believed that the offender hooked the keys from a table located near the letter box. This is a well-known technique used by offenders keys should NEVER be left in view or within close proximity of letter boxes or open windows.
  • There have been a number of reports about suspicious Transit type vehicles approaching houses. When challenged, the occupants invariably make some kind of excuse and make off. Please continue to report such activity to police.
  • There have been two shed breaks reported this week. One on Monday morning from Croughton and the other on Saturday from Carden Lane, Clutton.
  • There has been one stable broken into this week, in Beech Lane, Kingsley. Please make sure stables and equipment are properly secure, report any suspicious activity around any stables near you and also contact police if you have any information about where stolen tack is being sold.
  • On Monday lunchtime, an occupant in Nomansheath disturbed prowlers on his land after they had forced entry through a gate. Because they were still in their vehicle when challenged, they trove towards the occupant before driving off.
  • On Thursday, a resident in Great Barrow saw a prowler equipped with a crow bar, approaching their vehicle on the drive at approx. 08.00am. When shouted at, the prowler ran off and got into a dark blue Vauxhall Vectra before driving off.


Inspector Keith Curbishley

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