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After 18 months in existence, logging on to Tarvinonline has become an integral part of many residents' daily routine. But where it has been less successful has been in getting local businesses and service providers to use the website to promote themselves.

The implementation team (creators and developers of Tarvinonline) has asked itself repeatedly why businesses are not using the website. Could it be because:

  • The cost is too high? Definately not, it is FREE.
    Tarvinonline charges nothing for an entry in the business directory, or for an article written by a local business to promote what it does. All we need from you are the words and a photo or logo
  • So few residents access the website?
    Probably not — we don't know exactly who reads the ever-changing articles and news items, but we do know that 80% of Tarvin residents have a computer connected to the internet and that Tarvinonline gets 5000 visits per month and that the number is still growing
  • Local business and service providers are so busy that they don't need new customers?
    Probably not — no statistics here, but people are rarely to be seen queueing outside the doors of our local shop-front businesses, and tradesmen's vans are not always absent from their owners' homes on week days
  • There is not enough money in the village to support local businesses, so the businesses must look elsewhere for custom?
    Probably not — Tarvin is not the most affluent community in Cheshire, but nor is it one of the most deprived. Every year tens of millions of pounds come into local households from salaries, wages, pensions, investments and benefits. Just a fraction of this sum spent with local businesses and service providers would be worth going for
  • Is it just too much effort to produce something for the website to promote a local business?
    If so, the editorial team will be happy to help you frame a directory entry or an article. But really, every business should be able to do it for themself. Writing this article took just 20 minutes from start to finish. Surely you can spare some time to promote your business!

"So Go On, Give It A Go! — you won't regret it!"
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