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GB Spring Clean - Some of Sunday's Volunteers

Despite heavy rain, sometimes falling as sleet, several intrepid volunteers continued with Tarvin's Spring Clean on Sunday morning. This was part of a national initiative, (Great British Spring Clean), by Keep Britain Tidy to spring clean our communities.

More of Tarporley Road, Bye Pass Road and High Street were litter picked. Also tackled were Hockenhull Lane, Crossfields, Platts Lane, Heath Drive, Broomheath Lane and the extended Community woodland
footpath behind Taylor Wimpey development. Holme Street and Tarvin roundabout will be litter picked in the coming days. Residents from Oscroft also tidied up the roads leading into their hamlet.

At least another dozen rubbish sacks were filled bringing the total over the weekend to around 22! Collected litter included cans and plastic/glass bottles (often in hedgerows), cigarette packets and their cellophane wrapping, countless cigarette ends, sweet wrappers and food/fast food packaging and blue plastic forks from takeaway food. Also collected was a certain amount of household rubbish which could only have originated from bin collection day.

The most unpleasant task for the volunteers was picking up fresh dog mess- 2 piles in High Street and 1 outside our Primary School (the latter was 'deposited' in broad daylight between the litter pick starting and finishing!)
Many thanks to everyone who turned up on Thursday and Sunday and anyone else who litter picked in the street where they live. Community pride still thrives in Tarvin and Oscroft. The Community looks very clean and tidy as this goes to press. Let's all keep it that way!


1. The penalty for not cleaning up after your dog is a £1000 fine.

2. The fixed penalty for dropping litter (including
cigarette ends, chewing gum and packaging) is £80. Dropping them into a drain carries the same penalty.

3. Litter doesn't pick itself up. The majority of dropped litter in Tarvin is picked up by residents and volunteers who like to see their community clean and our wildlife safe from harm.

4. Our local authority, CWaC only empty litter bins and do a very cursory litter pick. We have not had a village cleaner since CWaC took over this responsibility from the Parish Council some years ago and the cleanliness of the village has deteriorated as a result.

5. A cigarette end can take up to 10 years to decompose. It is litter and can blight our pavements, gutters (ultimately streams and rivers) and verges unless picked up or not discarded ignorantly in the first place.

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