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Tarvin Mill & Pool

Memories of Tarvin by Tony Jenkins- Continued

I remember going to the "Mill" to catch fish. You could also catch eels with a fork as they flowed downstream.
A local farmer had a field of ripe potatoes but no one to collect them. All the men were abroad or elsewhere. He solved the problem by advertising for children to come and help pick his potatoes for a couple of hours for a "financial reward."
Lots of children turned up including me. We all got stuck in, filling the sacks. Unfortunately at 7 years old I had no experience of work, but I did my best. Suddenly it was all over, the children left the field through the wooden gate. Each received three shillings for their labour. When my turn came the farmer looked at me and offered me one shilling and sixpence, I was very grateful!
One of my friends at that time was Alf Hignett. I think Alf's family still live in the new Tarvin estate. I can remember cycling through the countryside with Auntie Connie, and collecting watercress from a local stream.
Mrs Johnson (later to become my Auntie Connie) also worked at the Police Station for many years, opposite "The Rock" on the High Street.
In later years I visited Auntie Connie with my own children. We often talked about the War years. Later I attended Auntie Connie's funeral in Tarvin and also Mr Johnson (Uncle Bill). Although this couple lived in Tarvin most of their lives, there is no evidence that they ever existed. They are both buried in Tarvin without a headstone.
But my Tarvin experience did not end there. I had never set foot in the house next door to Mrs Johnson, number 78, but I decided to knock to thank her for informing me by letter about "Auntie Connies" funeral.

To be continued........
ED: If you remember Tony or any other evacuees then please get in touch with Tarvinonline and we will publish your memories too, send them to editor@tarvinonline.org

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