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Many thanks to those readers who took the time & trouble to respond to our last posting. We appreciate your interest and constructive criticism is always welcome. We are eager that the Residents of the village participate in a dialogue about this very important issue. Tarvin Residents Group,TRG, are acting as the Task Force for the Village, there are five active members supported by a small band of workers who contribute with various specialist skills, funding & door to door distribution.

Bearing in mind the demographics in our village, a considerable number of residents do not have regular access to the internet, consequently communication is not an easy matter. In order to overcome this issue and to ensure that everyone is made aware of the progress surrounding the Gypsy and Traveller Site we are obliged to resort to the good old fashioned method of circulating information in paper form. In early December 2016 we posted over 1200 Newsletters including the petition to every household in the village and the surrounding areas. We also posted the information on TOL and Facebook. Our Newsletter did say "We need your help" by sending the ePetition to friends, family and colleagues for them to sign and we also asked Residents to secure signatures in paper format. In addition, petition forms are available at Greenacre Garage and O'Kell's Garden Centre.

It is accepted that the on line Petition is slightly complicated and not easy to use but as it was set up and controlled by CWaC, we have no influence in how it is accessed. Our current total of signatures has just exceeded 1,000 but we still need at least another 700 if we are to force a debate on this issue at the CWAC Cabinet level. The Gypsy Site is still a real possibility and we need you to spread the word by engaging, sharing and informing your neighbours via whatever networking process you chose.

Our current focus is on preparing information for the Task Force, however after the end of April we will consider a door to door approach to collecting signatures for the petition, possibly including surrounding villages. We will need some volunteers to support this process. If you are able to help, please get in touch via the email address below.

On 28th April the TRG will be presenting our case to the Local Plan Task Force. We will probably only have 5 mins in which to address the meeting. A detailed report is also being prepared, including a lot of the comments made by residents, and that will be circulated to the task force in advance of their meeting. Unfortunately the Chair of the Local Plan Working Group has ruled that the general public will not be allowed to attend and that no records or minutes will be taken or published. Remember you can to contact us at tarvinresidentsgroup@gmail.com and we will include you on our email circulation list.

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