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January 2016 will see the 35th year of Tarvin Village Quiz.

Yes, it was way back in 1982, when Brian Evans (a member of the Community Centre committee) suggested that they should host a Village Quiz. The Chairman, the late and much respected Edna Rose did not think that this would be a successful venture, but Brian together with Eric Plenderleath decided to give it a try---and as they say--the rest is history.

Village organisations were invited to participate, a shield was purchased for the winners, and when 16 teams registered their interest, the Quiz was held on two Friday evenings, and the WI were the winners.
Ed: "This photo shows the winners in 1984, the Gardening Club, in their team fromare Len Facer, Mary Evans, Bryan Henderson, and, Alex Henderson. Eric appears as he was the Quizmaster."

Quiz Winners 1984


Since then, the original format of teams of four, answering questions over 4 rounds has remained, although the identity of the rounds may have changed.
We have tried rounds of General Knowledge, specialist subjects chosen by the team, (for 2 points and 1 if passed to the opposition,) team and individual answers ( 2 points for the individual answer and 1 point for the team) and Quick fire rounds for as many answers in one minute.
Ed:"This photo shows Tarvin Gardening Society who retained the trophy in 1985,

Quiz Winners 1985


From those early days until the mid 90's Eric Plenderleath set all the questions, and acted as Question Master, with the late Peter Worrall, and Sid Richards, as adjudicator and scorer. We even displayed the score on cards, manipulated by youngsters.!!!!

Such was the success, that in some years, four Fridays were needed, with as many as 26 entries, and where the winning team would have endured five knockout rounds.

In the mid 90's, Peter Worrall took over as Question Master, with Sid Richards and Eric Powell assisting him, to be followed by Stuart McNeil as Question Master, assisted by Eric Powell and Richard Orfanelli . Margaret Dixon has for many years coordinated a team of question setters.

The original winners Shield was by now overflowing, so Eric Plenderleath, in his year as Lord Mayor of Chester, presented a silver salver in its stead.

Ed: "In 1986 our picture shows the RNLI Quiz team from that year that included Carol Griffiths, Penny Lovden, Cathryn Abel and Mary Luker

RNLI Team 1986



By far and away the most successful team over the years has been "Miscellany", a team which has consistently included at least two members of the Thorpe family, who have been champions on ten occasions, the last being in 2007 when three generations took part.

Most of our local organisations have, over the years, entered teams in the Quiz, as well as groups of neighbours, including some with strange names.
Perhaps you were a member of "Illegitimate Glowworms", "S.N.C.F", "Wild Bunch", "Horton's Nose", or "No Kids Allowed"

Honours List :-
Miscellany (1990,1991,1996,1997,1998, 2000, 2001, 2002,2004,2007)
Methodist Church ( 2009, 2010 & 2012)
SDP/Democrats (1987, 1988 & 1989)
N.W.R./T.M.P (2006, 2013 & 2014)
Civic Trust (1983 & 1992)
School Governors (1999 & 2005)
W.I (1982 & 1995)
Playgroup (1993 & 1994)
Gardening Society (1984 & 1985)
St Andrew's (2008)
Parish Council (1986)
Gunnerys (2003)
Bowling Club (2011)

And only the second family team to have been successful, The Dimwits in 2015

Dimwits 2015 V2


You can still enter click here for information