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During Tuesday we will be having our system upgraded which will result in some disruption and perhaps some odd displays for a short time.

Even after the changes are fully rolled out you may still find some oddities for a time as many systems store or cache details about a website for a time to prevent having to download all the information when you log on.

On a Windows system if you find this happening press your F5 key a few times and this will refresh the cache. Once the system has fully downloaded again you will not need to repeat this.
One major change you will see is the ability of the website to "dynamically resize" to fit the screen you are using. So the layout of a page will change automatically when you see it on a PC/laptop, Tablet e.g.an Ipad or a mobile phone e.g. an Iphone.
This should prevent you having to scroll across a screen to see all of a page.
The Home page will have a different layout and we will also be able to have articles with a whole gallery of images.

I'm afraid the only element which will stay the same is the Editorial team!. There seems to be no way to overcome that at present.

As always we welcome your feedback either via Facebook or using the new comment facility you will find under every article in future. We may add a selection of comments from Facebook under the article. You can always use the Facebook link at the top of the page to see all the latest Facebook comments at any time or if you have your own Facebook account and like Tarvinonline.

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