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Following our article on the brief history of Tarvin Hall, Tarvinonline has received information about an occupant of the Hall.

We have only sketchy information after John Brindley and his Collegiate School moved out. We do know that various schools used the premises between 1855 and 1890.
John George Rablah Stephenson B.A. was appointed Curate at Tattenhall in September 1858 and by the following spring he was educating a limited number of sons of nobility and gentry in Tattenhall.

From "Tattenhall The History of a Cheshire Village " edited by Frank A. Latham and published by The Local History Group, there is reference to this private school "a 1st style classical boarding school" at Hope House, run by Stephenson.

We now know that in October 1859 "The Reverend J.G.R. Stephenson B.A.,receives into his house (Tarvin Hall) a limited no. of Genntlemen's sons who enjoy very superior home comforts, receive a most liberal education, and everything conducive to their moral, intellectual, and physical improvement, is so far as possible secured"

Whilst living at The Hall his wife gave birth to a daughter on 29th June 1860.

In March 1863 for the festivities of the marriage of the Prince of Wales it is reported in the Chester Chronicle that "in the afternoon, upwards of 150 women had a comfortable and pleasant tea in a large room at the Hall, kindly placed at their service by the Rev., J.G.R. Stephenson."

Shortly after this date, in April, he was moving to Cambridge Hall Collegiate School in Stratford-upon- Avon and was taking over this school. In July1863 the Sale of Tarvin Hall is announced in the Chester Chronicle- currently occupied by Stephenson and Thomas Willis at a yearly rent of £141-5s-6p.

There is a later report, from a Reading newspaper in September 1886, of the daughter born at Tarvin Hall (Florence Rablah Lambert Stephenson) being married to Oswald Barton at St. Michael's Church, Harbledown. She is described as the eldest daughter of the late J.G.R.Stephenson.

The Cheshire Directories show no reference to Hope House in Tattenhall and have no one listed as occupying Tarvin Hall in 1860. This is not surprising as properties seemed to change hands frequently. John Brindley was there for 10 years, Stephenson for only 5. Because of the fact that these schools were for boarders pupils tended to move with the school. This was the case in Rev., Stephenson's school.

Ed:"We encourage all our readers to provide information to tarvinonline, especially if it is about the history of Tarvin and its buildings. We are grateful to Lorne Tweed, Rev. John George Rablah Stephenson's Great Grand Daughter, for kindly providing the extra information on Tarvin Hall!"