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Western Rural Round-up- Week ending 03/08/2014

  • Vehicles have been reported speeding down Guy Lane in Waverton. Local officers are currently devising methods of speed enforcement using the ╦ťsmiley" speed enforcement device to monitor and assess the speeds and the speed gun to issue tickets to the perpetrators.

  • A female was approached by a group of youths on North Hill Road in Helsby who proceeded to become verbally abusive and sexually explicit in their language. Unfortunately there was no trace of the youths when local officers arrived. This area will be closely monitored as this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Male youths have been reported kicking footballs onto roofs on School Lane in Elton and then proceeding to climb onto the roofs to retrieve the balls. Not only is this potentially dangerous but it is becoming annoying for local residents. The area will be closely monitored.
  • We have had several reports this week about the smoking of cannabis in both public and private properties, leading to numerous cannabis warnings being given out.
  • A moped was reported travelling along a tow path on the canal near Molington Bridge almost knocking over a pedestrian. The driver was located and issued with an official warning that will allow for the bike to be seized should this behaviour continue.
  • There have been several reports of youths hosting rowdy house parties across the local areas while their parents are away. Many of the concerns revolve around loud music being played and the fact that there may be underage drinking taking place. If you are going away, please give your children guidelines regarding their behaviour and do not provide them with any alcohol if they are underage!
  • A wallet was stolen from a vehicle in Marlston Court, Marlston-cum-Lache. Unfortunately the vehicle was in the process of being unloaded and was therefore unattended and insecure.
  • Elderly residents of Tarporley have reported that youths have been throwing balls over garden fences and putting their faces through hedges to frighten and cause distress to the residents. The youths have been located and advised about their behaviour. Local officers will continue to monitor the area closely.


Inspector Keith Curbishley

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