Weston Police Round-up Week Ending 16th November

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There have been a number of thefts of garden items and scrap metal from Cuddington, Northwich and Elton. On at least two occasions a suspicious white van similar to a Citroen Relay van has been sighted in the location. Police are investigating a similar offence in Elton where a Citroen van index number T567CJR has been sighted and two occupants seen to steal a washing machine from the driveway of a property. Please report any sightings of suspicious vehicles or activity.

Police have attended an incident where mud and debris had been deposited onto the highway by farm vehicles exiting farm fields .The problem was highlighted by a motorcyclist reporting debris on the carriageway which almost caused him to lose control of his machine, which could have had serious consequences. This problem is common place at this time of the year as fields tend to be saturated with rain and very muddy.Can we appeal to the farming community to clear the carriageway of any debris, ensuring roads are safe for all vehicular traffic.

There have been a number of cars broken into in the Frodsham, Dunkirk and Wrexham Road, Chester areas. Some of these vehicles are still being left insecure by their owners and items of value left on display. Owners must make sure their vehicles are secured and all valuables are either removed from the vehicle or placed out of sight.

There has been a spate of house burglaries in the Helsby area. Extra patrols are currently working in the area providing a visible presence and reassurance.As the nights have drawn in, it is very important to use timers for lights and radios to give the impression somebody is at home. Please report any suspicious activity to police.

There have been a number of cold caller incidents in Cuddington, Northwich and the Barrow area. They are claiming to be rehabilitated ex convicts calling at addresses selling items of cleaning materials..In the main these callers are selling inferior products at a vastly inflated price, and have no valid documentation allowing them to do so. Police have seized their wares and documentation and they have been reported for summons.

Police are investigating a spate of shed and garage burglaries in Pulford. Expensive mountain bikes and power tools are being stolen. At one crime scene there was an expensive mountain bike still anchored to the concrete floor by chain. This type of preventative measure is simple and inexpensive but proved crucial in preventing the bike from being stolen.


Inspector Keith Curbishley