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What We Do
GoalTherapy is a specialist and personal physiotherapy services for a wide variety of conditions where the therapist comes to you in your home.
We will fit into your lifestyle and routine in the comfort/safety of your home.
No waiting times or transport issues as we come to you.

We are a patient led service where we will come and listen to your problems and through assessment and education help you achieve your goals.

Community based therapy provided through the private sector is in critical need in the UK as the NHS has limited ability to handle the existing workload for acute and chronic therapy

Some examples of the conditions we assess and treat both Acute and Chronic

Neurology — i.e. Stroke, Parkinson's. Multiple sclerosis, Motor neuron disease, peripheral nerve injury
Orthopaedic — post joint surgery, joint pains, osteoarthritis, neck/back pains, sports injuries
Acupuncture/Taping — Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal issues
Mobility and balance
Falls and reduced mobility — Improve balance and strength and educate
Mental health — Dementia and Alzheimer's therapy for function and mobility
Palliative care
Acopia — not coping at home. Advice and education

Contact Details
Karen Oxley




17 The Pryors, Tarvin, CH3 8JP