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12th August 2022 @ 6:06am – by Keith Barker
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The waters have departed
So should we blame that Moses?
Or is it just those water chiefs
Won't let us use our hoses?

Supplies are getting rather short and
They need to get it sorted.
The gard'ners and the farmers
Are feeling very thwarted.

A sunshine forecast's mostly good
But not when facing drought:
Those winter- spring-time plantings
Are all but yielding 'nowt'.

The reservoirs are really low
So use much less we oughter (!)
You know just what I'm leading to:
We need to use less water.

We'll do our best but hear this loud:
"You bosses, plug those leaks.
You need to get them fixed right now,
In days, not months or weeks."

The news all round is pretty bad,
With warnings by the hour,
We can't do this and shouldn't do that,
When all we want 's a shower!

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