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Katie Astbury Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an extremely effective and practical process that enables you to achieve a desired outcome or goal in your life.

At some point in our lives most of us can feel stuck or unfulfilled, perhaps in our personal or professional life.
Old habits and self-limiting beliefs can stop us from flourishing and moving forwards with confidence and clear direction.

Working with a Life Coach offers a non-judgmental space where you will be truly listened to and supported. During the Life Coaching sessions, you can then start to explore and discover what it is you really want to achieve. A Life Coach keeps you motivated and focused and also provides tools and resources necessary to enable you to move forwards with confidence and clarity. To find out more about the benefits of Life Coaching, please contact katieastbury7@gmail.com for a free no-obligation chat.

Kate Astbury, Director


21 Brereton Close, Tarvin CH3 8HW

website: www.katieastburylifecoach.com