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Lee Herring
Facebook @LeeHerringArt
Instagram leeherringart
Twitter @leeherringart
Website www.leeherring.co.uk
Tarvin, CH3 8EX

Lee's contemporary abstract paintings are colourful, textured and full of movement. Aiming to change the perception of somewhat dated subjects and injecting them with an urban twist. He allows bold, intuitive marks to clash and merge in perfect harmony. Viewers are invited to explore negative spaces and eye-popping shades of colour.

He uses sprays, markers and acrylic paint to create layers of textured backdrops. Areas are manipulated to reveal hidden chinks of buried colour each painting evolves in a free-flowing spontaneous process with each mark influencing the next. Non-traditional tools (knives, trowels and scrapers) allow for a loose and energetic application. The abstract and expressional are expertly balanced splashes of neon spray and blobs of pastoral are ever present. Textures pop from the surface exploring a new era of painting.

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