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01829 749224
Unit 5 Tarvin Sands Industries, Barrow Lane, Tarvin, CH3 8JF

What we do

R A Chilton formed in Kelsall in 1974 and moved to the premises in Tarvin in 1987. This year we are celebrating our 40th birthday.
We provide an electroplating service to our customers who manufacture PCB drilling spindles. The spindle uses a copper rotor – we electroplate the copper directly onto the steel spindle shaft. The shaft runs on air bearings so removing the friction you would get from a conventional ball bearing. This enables them to run at extremely high speed. Standard speed is now 200,000rpm, and some even reach 350,000rpm. If the copper is not super strong and completely attached to the steel then it will fail and cause catastrophic damage to the spindle. Part of our work includes testing the strength of the copper, testing the adhesion, and looking at the microstructure of the copper to make improvements to our process.
Contact us if you need copper electroplating!

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