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A big Thank You

In April 2005 the inaugural meeting of the Tarvin Village Design Statement Joint Working Group took place. The draft for consultation was completed in February 2007. This document was described as celebrating the past and guiding future change.

Following this came the Tarvin Village Plan and from the questioning of villagers it was generally felt that communication within the village about what was taking place was lacking. With the Village plan completed a group who had worked on the Plan formed a committee and Tarvinonline was born.

During these last few months I have wanted to use TOL to thank so many people in the village for their efforts to help others. I have put this off several times because I was worried that I would miss someone. However I realised that there must be so many kind folk that I couldn't possibly know them all. Perhaps others can respond and add their thanks too.

TOL are high on my list of thanks, they have soldiered on and rarely had a day with nothing to report on newsroom. With no meetings taking place and no reports this must have been difficult.

Charles Bradley helped by giving us informative articles about the plants in the Woodland. These were written on a regular basis and I certainly enjoyed those.

Thanks to the Woodland for remaining open when everywhere else was locked. This year the area was particularly colourful and a wonderful place to be. Keith Barker provided some lovely photographs.

Jane Lush has given us a quiz every Saturday to look forward to. There was a local resident who did lots of litter picking and someone who gave away many jigsaws.

The Churches offered help with shopping as did many individuals.

The pharmacy worked so hard getting our prescriptions to us. As did the shops that were able to open. We were able to continue gardening with deliveries from Okells and Morreys which was helpful.

Finally the Street Art in Broomheath Lane brightened faces when they saw it.

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