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As a part of the Woodland's recent Plant Sale, Caroline Gregson has donated a very fine plant support. It is a spiral obelisk, approximately 5 feet tall, with a woven bird sitting on the top, sculptured in willow. My photograph certainly does not do it justice!

Martin Lloyd With Obelisk jpg

For those unfamiliar with Caroline's work, I suggest you simply Google her name, "Caroline Gregson" or go to https://www.carolinegregson.com where you will find her website, together with illustrations of the stunning work that she creates. Indeed, the excellence of Caroline's work as a Willow Artist and Basket maker has been recognised by her admission as Yeoman member of the Worshipful Company of Basket makers.

We decided that the fairest way to deal with this would be to offer a chance for everyone who is interested to bid for it in a sealed-bid auction. Therefore, we invite those who wish to do so to put inside an envelope a piece of paper bearing their name, address and telephone number, together with the amount that they are prepared to bid for the obelisk. The outside of the envelope should bear the word, "Obelisk" and it should be delivered to
Martin Lloyd,
1, Andrew's Close,
CH3 8LN.

No envelopes will be opened before 1.00 pm on Friday, 12th June. Once they are opened on that day, the person submitting the highest bid will be deemed to have won the auction. That person will be telephoned and arrangements made for their bid to be paid to Tarvin Community Woodland Trust Ltd, in exchange for the obelisk.

Once again, a member of Tarvin's community is willing and able to help us to raise the money that we need in order to run the woodland. Thank you, Caroline!