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Act FAST to Save Lives

14th July 2015 @ 6:06am – by Lyn Brunton
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My husband experienced a major stroke on 28th June. His miraculous recovery is mainly due to the fact that speed really is of the essence.
I was dialling 999 whilst he was having his stroke, all medical teams were faultless with their care. I owe them so much. You might think you would know if you saw someone having a stroke but would you?
Some symptoms can be very subtle and can affect any age, any fitness.

Learn the acronym FAST

F=Facial weakness
A=Arm weakness
S= Speech problems
T=Time to call 999
The life you save could be that of a loved one.

Ed: "Well done Lyn for acting so fast in dealing with your husband's stroke, we should all take notice of the advice from the Stroke Association."

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