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An Overgrown Green and not so Pleasant Land

1st February 2015 @ 6:06am – by Parish Council
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The problem of overgrown paths and uncut hedges was raised again at the last Parish Council meeting (Monday Jan 26th). The Parish Council is very aware that, if these problems are not tackled soon, spring will arrive and hedge cutting will be restricted.

The north side of Holme Street is one case where the house owners are responsible for cutting the hedges back. For a considerable distance, a large, very dense and mature holly hedge on top of a wall is impeding pedestrians. The Parish Clerk will be writing to those concerned asking them to act promptly so that residents of Grosvenor Road, among others, can walk the path safely.

Once a hedge is cut it is important that the cuttings be removed. On the south side of Holme Street there are two cases, one where the house owner has cleared up, and then one that hasn't. The decaying debris forms a seed bed for weeds that further restrict the width of the pavement.

The Parish Council asks, again, that if you have a hedge at the boundary of your property, please check it now and cut it back if it needs it. Can two people walk on the path abreast? Can a wheelchair get past? A buggy? Even though the hedge may be OK now, how quickly will it grown in the spring? And please, if the hedge is next to a pedestrian way, collect up and dispose of the cuttings.

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The hedge on the east side of Tarporley Road has caused a different set of problems, namely agreeing who owns the bank and is thus responsible for cutting back the overhanging trees. Drawing on the encyclopaedic knowledge of Councillor Cotgreave it has been established that the responsibility lies with CW&C, but recent work on the hedge has proved unsatisfactory and complaints are still received by Councillors. It was agreed that the Streetscene Working Party should take a close look at the situation to see if more work was needed.

Given the inability and/or unwillingness of CW&C to carry out this type of work in a timely fashion, and in the expectation of further cuts to the Highways budget in the future, the Parish Council is seriously considering undertaking this work locally, either by paying someone or by recruiting a group of volunteers. If you have any views on this, please contact the Clerk on 01829 741075 (e-mail Miketarvinparish@aol.com) or talk to any Councillor.

As an aside, a special "thank you" to unsung local hero Eric Powell of Grosvenor Road, who goes out on a regular basis to remove rubbish from his side of Holme Street.

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