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There could not have been a better way to dispel any February gloom than to listen to Kate Russell, this month's demonstrator. It was a hilarious evening as she can relate quite ordinary experiences in such an amusing way. Kate lives in the Wirral and has been to our club several times, but she always returns to give us even more amusement. She admitted that her designs are traditional. They were also large and apart for one they were composed of one colour only. This produced a very attractive display at the end.

Flower Club Feb 2017 (2)



Design 1, represented a service she attended at The Vatican where Bishops were made up to be Cardinals. She was visiting her daughter who was living in Rome. A large pedestal had red flowers only .






Flower Club Feb 2017 (1)


Design 2 was a trip to Florida where her other daughter was living and Kate gave an amusing report of kayaking and a snake by the pool.








Flower Club Feb 2017 (5)


The 3rd arrangement was in 2 parts, both in terracotta pots to represent her Father and his love of his garden. This was the only design with flowers in 2 colours, green and pink.


Flower Club Feb 2017 (3)







Whilst putting together the 4th design Kate was informing us of the time she wanted to lose weight overnight and and her trials and tribulations of using very tight fitting underwear and of getting it on and off!! She also told us of her son's efforts to become a poet and a children's book author at which he has had some success. The orange flowers were displayed in a hamper and showed her wish to eat lots of glorious food without putting on weight.



Flower Club Feb 2017 (4)

For the final design she used a small garden bench, previously used by a grandchild in their garden. She told us of her own garden of 30 years and how it had developed. The area she was representing was originally part of their Shakespeare garden but had become known as the gin corner as she and her husband used to sneak away to it after a busy day at work for a break from 3 children and elderly parents. Not that they were able to stay alone as her mother's zimmer seemed to grow wings and she appeared to join them.

A wonderful evening, enjoyed by all .We sincerely hope to be amused by Kate again in the future.


The March meeting will be Doreen Pritchard and Judith Windsor who will tell us about their village. A well known pair in Tarvin and district as they teach our flower class. They to are amusing so I expect another evening of laughter. Do join us on 8th March in the Edna Rose room at Tarvin Community Centre at 7-30pm