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Ashton Hayes and Tarvin flower club. October meeting.

17th October 2019 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Alison Cooper is a very talented florist, flower arranger and artist full of creative ideas. She showed us 6 designs, all very different but often using repeats of flowers.
Her 1st passion was stitching – from sewing threads into binca canvas as a very young child she progressed to cross stitch and later A level creative textiles. She enjoys creating haphazard fabric designs with free machine embroidery.
This was represented in design 1 , arranged in a cream bowl. There was no foliage just Mikado reeds and canes with a mixture of flowers in lime, pink and pale purple.
Design 2 represented a Cheshire N.A.F.A.S. design at Tatton for which she and the team gained a gold award. They used Perspex to provide a different appearance to the flowers on display behind it. The edges had been unevenly cut to look like nibbles from bugs. This showed her interest in texture in glass. This design had 2 placements with colours from the 1st arrangement plus sunflowers, sedum, mimosa and pink lilies.
Following this interest in glass Alison had a passion for beads and has amassed a great collection so she had to represent this. A copper pipework construction held hanging moss balls and into these she put gerbera lisianthus and small white calla lilies. Very different but stunning.
Along with her textiles studies at A level Alison also studied physics and took part in a Jodrell Bank project based on minute particles. This was her idea for design 4 . She had wrapped a metal wreath ring with cotton yarn and into it she wove 2 kinds of wheat and orchids in test tubes. To display the ring she hung it in a large frame of dried leaves. This again was very different but most attractive.
Alison's 5th passion was for the beach. She used a large shallow bowl with large pieces of slate which balanced a covered wire holding a crumpled copper wire. Delphiniums, Bird of Paradise flowers and leaves along with sunflowers and a beautiful orchid were all threaded through this wire to produce a stunning design using no floral foam. I was lucky and won this one in the raffle.
The final passion was for trees. Alison spent her childhood in Birmingham and regularly visited Moseley Bog. This place inspired her and Tolkein in their work. This produced a large floral design. A heavy wooden base had pieces of cork bark around a container into which was placed bottle brush and various types of foliage. Added to this were mimosa, sunflowers and large cream chrysanthemums.
When Alison used floral foam she used the biodegradable form. It was wonderful to have the chance to see the work of a young designer full of new ideas.
Ed: Click on the photos to see all the detail

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