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Botanical Vandalism Strikes Again.

24th May 2022 @ 6:06am – by Concerned Tarvin Resident
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stripped bark 1bark stripped

It is with sadness and anger that many of us have seen and read of the botanical vandalism that seems to have erupted in the village, notably to date, within the woodlands, even my grandchildren have been upset by it. It now appears to be spreading.

Within the playing field at the community centre end, in the corner adjacent to the houses of Field Lane, is a lovely, solitary tree. Its companion was destroyed by one of the great storms a few years ago. This lone tree is now being attacked by having its bark stripped. THIS CAN KILL TREES! That tree has taken many, many years to reach its current state. It only takes minutes to kill it. We've recently had another tree in the woods effectively killed. If the bark stripping continues, that will also be the fate of this tree.

What can be done to stop this vandalism in its tracks? Parents, please educate your children on the importance of trees to our life. (I am of the belief that this damage is not caused by adults) Encourage them to take up hobbies. What can the PC do about this? Please don't let these people destroy our trees.

Concerned lover of all life.

Ed: This is so Sad. 

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