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A Bright New Welcome at the Community Centre

22nd April 2015 @ 6:06am – by Tavin Community Centre
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ttc paintersrefreshed foyer at tcc

The Community Centre has had a bit of a spring clean with the foyer area receiving a new coat of paint at the weekend. A team of 7 Committee members painted the walls and woodwork, moved some notice boards and removed a number of the many notices that had proliferated over the years.

The result is a fresh and clean look that creates a much more welcoming feel. Alan Wilkinson, Committee Chairman said "Once the Children's Centre had removed all their clutter and notices it was quite clear that the space was looking quite shabby. It isn't a major change but had really brightened the foyer considerably."

The main financial effort of the Community Centre remains the major improvements, currently moving rather slowly through the bureaucratic process, though formal permission for the changes has finally been received from CW&C, the building's owners. But there is also a need for smaller improvements to be made and the Committee has managed to access certain alternative funding to achieve these.

The new ceiling in the Edna Rose Room was partly funded by a grant from Councillors Deynem and Leather, while the new floor mats were purchased with a small Health and Well-Being Grant. The recent 'Welcome' leaflet intended to be distributed to new residents, was sponsored by the donations from a number of local businesses. A grant request to Comic Relief for funding for new curtains for the Edna Rose Room was unsuccessful, but a similar request is under consideration from Cheshire Community Foundation.

The other important way to get things done economically however is to use voluntary labour and the decoration of the foyer is an excellent example of this. There was much enthusiasm for the job and there were a few mutterings about 'being willing to tackle the Hall now' but these were quickly silenced! The work completed is an excellent example of 'Pensioner Power' though it should be pointed out that at least one of the weekend workers does not fit into this category. There is no formal record of the state of health of the crew on Sunday evening but it is probable that none of the painting crew were out playing Football!

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