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TMP June 2016 (2)
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When members of Tarvin Meeting Point discovered that one of their meetings fell on June 23rd they faced a choice. In true Meeting Point tradition they could have looked closely at the issues being decided in the referendum and discussed them in their usual fearless style.

On the other hand.......

It was that 'other hand' that won the day and the meeting celebrated two other great national events, the 90th birthday of the Queen and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth. Instead of discussion on the place of the monarchy or the importance of classical literature, they ate cucumber sandwiches, scones and delicious cake accompanied by tea in china cups — though after a glass of prosecco it must be admitted! But to make sure that the intellect was catered to as well, a selection of Shakespeare's sonnets were read to accompany the feast.

As for the knotty issue of that referendum, the group decided that they would await the results with bated breath like the rest of the country. Tarvin Meeting Point may delight in lively discussion but it is, and will remain, based on mutual respect and friendship.

(Though there could well be a good meeting to be had later on to discuss the result)

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