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Police Service

It has been necessary for Cheshire Constabulary to make organisational changes in order to continue to deliver a quality service into the future. Without cutting front line police officers, the existing Neighbourhood Policing Units (NPU's), of which "Western Rural is one", are being restructured into Local Policing Units, (LPU's) covering different geographical areas. The majority of the Western Rural NPU will be encompassed into the new Chester LPU. The only Western Rural beats which are not joining Chester LPU are Tarporley, Cuddington & Oulton which will be covered by the new Northwich LPU. Officers will continue to respond to and deal with incidents in exactly the same way. The majority of these organizational changes are taking place during early July.

Ed:"This means Tarvin will now be part of the new Chester LPU!. Does that mean we will have more police on the beat?"

Local priorities for July 2015

1. Road Safety: Parking issues around local schools and shops and speeding through villages are both topics which generate a great deal of communication to the police from the public. Local PCSO's and Beat managers refer to proven data in order to effectively target those areas which are proven to have genuine problems.
2. Theft and Burglary: Many of these offences occur in spates within defined areas, often committed by an individual. Local officers constantly monitor all such crimes in order to identify the most effective ways of targeting and catching the offender, preventing further offences and keeping the public informed with information and advice.
3. Events and ASB: A great many events and shows are organized in our area over the summer months, attracting large crowds. Whilst most people who attend do so with the intention of enjoying a pleasant day out, there are some who seem to want to cause disruption and disturbance. Local officers work closely with event organisers to deter and restrict those who may spoil the event for the majority.

Local news

  • Youths have caused damage to a property on Crossfields whilst trying to retrieve footballs from over the fence. The youths have engaged with local officers as a result.
  • A vehicle was seized in Duddon for being used with no insurance. Remember to check all aspects of your vehicles such as insurance, tax and MOT.
  • On 30/06/15 a silver Honda Jazz NA11THG has been stolen from the High Street, Tarvin. Investigations on going. If the vehicle is sighted please call 101 immediately.


  • There have been a number of complaints regarding a vagrant asking for money outside the Co-Op in Kelsall and sleeping rough in Ashton Hayes. Local officers have located the male and he has been checked and moved away from the area. He was suitably advised regards to begging.