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Local news for Kelsall, Tarvin, Ashton, Mouldsworth

  • Road safety — I have been conducting speed enforcement in Mouldsworth, Ashton Hayes, Kelsall, Oscroft and Duddon paying particular attention to the 30mph areas and locations reported by residents as being of concern. I am pleased to report in the majority of these locations most motorists were travelling within the speed limits however a total of 5 were caught speeding. Please drive safely particularly and within the speed limit in the 30mph areas

I had received from a concerned Kelsall resident a report of buses speeding through Kelsall. I used our speed camera and in the locations reported no offences were detected. I later engaged with the bus drivers to make them aware of the report received and to advise them I would be continuing to monitor the location. To date I have not received any further complaints from residents regarding this issue

We have attended a number of road traffic collisions of varying severity over the last month in the Mouldsworth and Tarvin areas. Some of the key factors being due to the driver not paying attention to the icy road conditions and adjusting road speed accordingly and not defrosting / demisting windows properly prior to driving. It is bad enough to be involved in a collision but somewhat more impactive to be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.
A motorcycle was seized from its rider In Mouldsworth for no insurance and no Mot.

  • Burglary — On 02/12/14 a resident of Brookside, Ashton Hayes, believes they may have had an attempt burglary at their home. Despite being in their lounge in the evening with curtains open / lights on and watching TV their front door handle was tried by unknown persons. I was on patrol nearby in the village at the time of the call and the area was promptly searched with no trace of any suspects. Of note the property has 2 new vehicles on the drive so I suspect the offender may have been trying the front door for stealing vehicle keys. Please be mindful of this type of crime as most people have their car keys attached to house keys and leave them near to the front / rear door. Where possible put your car keys in a safe place out of reach and out of sight.

2 males from the Kelsall area were arrested for being found within the compound of Sandstone Park housing development on Hallows close. The location is monitored 24hours by CCTV.
A property on Clotton Common has been a repeat victim of crime as offenders have returned and stolen a prized duck from within the duck house. If you see any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area please let us know.
A Ford Transit van had both wing mirrors stolen off it whilst parked on High Street, Tarvin on 19/12/2014. Did you see anything?
A Tarvin male was arrested for a domestic violence matter.
I have taken reports of problems with youths hanging about the Medical Centre in Tarvin in the evenings; unfortunately reports have been made once they have left. If you witness antisocial behaviour in progress please report it to us straight away on 101.

Local beat officer meetings
1400 at 1430 hours Wednesday 28th January 2015 at Ashton Hayes village hall car park.
1400 at 1430 hours Thursday 29th January 2015 at Tarvin community centre.
1400 at 1430 hours Friday 30th January 2015 Kelsall Park / Millennium Walk car park
PC Steve Trowell