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Cheshire Police Report for Week Ending 21st September

25th September 2014 @ 6:06am – by Inspector Keith Curbishley
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Last week, I commented about the increase in the number of cyclists on the road and the need to drive with due consideration for them. One reader commented that on occasion, cyclists ride in a manner which is dangerous to themselves and to others – with reference to groups travelling downhill at excessive speed, within the confines of villages. Indeed, cyclists do have an obligation to ride in a manner that does not pose a danger and also if riding in a group, to have regard to the impact of such a group on other road users. If you are a cyclist, please ensure that you have clothing and lighting which makes you visible and identifiable to other traffic, and ride in a manner which encourages other road users to pass you safely.

This week, there have been a couple of reports from residents who have left metal items visible on their properties in such a manner that 'scrap metal collectors' have taken the items without permission – sometimes the items were not scrap and had just been left out whilst garages were being sorted. Please be mindful that such people regularly drive round housing estates on the lookout for such items.

Last Sunday evening, police took a couple of reports that youths were throwing stones off the bridges over the A55, onto traffic passing below. Clearly, this is extremely dangerous. If you have children who may have heard anything about this, police would like to speak to them – it is important that we are able to stop such behaviour before it results in a serious crash.

Normally, I report on a couple of thefts from vehicles in various residential areas. I do not generally comment on offences at specific business premises. What I would like to highlight this week is the fact that there is a regular undercurrent of thefts from vehicles which are parked in large car parks at locations such as hotels, golf clubs, centres such as the zoo or shopping centres etc. The general common theme to most offences is that valuable items have been left on display (laptops, handbags etc) or it has been evident that valuable items such as golf clubs, have been placed in the boot. Please do not leave valuable items in your car, or if it is unavoidable, be mindful of who may be watching you as you place them in the boot!

I again need to highlight that local offenders are currently going around the more rural areas, having a look around private yards and taking anything which is not securely locked. This week there have been 5 incidents where prowlers have been disturbed and challenged in such locations, or where property such as tools or trailers have been stolen from insecure barns. The areas hit are widespread, including Frodsham, Marlston-cum-Lache, Tarvin and Helsby. I am pleased to report that in one of these incidents, the strong wheel clamp that was on the caravans' wheel prevented it from being stolen. The incident in Frodsham resulted in a number of canoes and kayaks being stolen. Please report to the police if you become aware of anyone trying to sell a number of such items!

Lastly, there have been two further burglary offences in the Waverton area this week. Please do not be 'stereotypical' when deciding if someone may be suspicious. Many recent offenders arrested for burglary have been in their 40's or 50's or operate in small teams including females! They may also try to pass themselves off as tradesmen. Please use your local knowledge of your area and of your neighbours visitors and routines – if something looks out of place, then report it to the police – even if only 1% of such calls proves genuine, then this will result in 1 extra burglar being arrested each week!

Inspector Keith Curbishley

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