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Climate Change – What Can We Do?

13th September 2015 @ 6:06am – by Jim Wigan
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Climate change. Should we be concerned? What can we do?

Over 90 percent of the world's scientists agree that mankind is contributing to climate change and that a two-degree temperature rise is the maximum to safely aim for if we are to avoid serious problems. Many say we are too late to restrict the rise to this.

One thing many of us can do is to get involved in clean energy production.

Twenty-seven months ago we installed photovoltaic panels on our roof. The cost was £6950 for a 4kw system. Since then we have been paid over £1500, plus gained about £450 (estimate) through reduced electricity bills, and, generated over 9mw of electricity.
This is a saving of just under £900 per year which means we will get back our original investment in 7.9 years. The feed in tariff is inflation-protected and guaranteed for 20 years.

Via Google maps I can see how 280 houses in Tarvin are facing in a suitable direction to have solar panels installed. (Subject to suitable roof structure) The best direction of the roof is facing south, an easterly or southerly direction is also suitable. Our own house has a complicated roof that faces in every direction but south!
At today's prices the installation would cost less and the feed-in tariff is lower but the pay back for each house would still be approximately 8.4 years calculated with the Feed-in tariff of 12.92p that is available until September 30th.
If a household can invest £6500 to install a 4kw system (if roof space and construction allows) they could make savings of about £770 per year.
The annual savings for the village would be in the region of £215,000, generating about 95 Gigawatts.

If there capital is not available there are ways of raising the required funds as can be found through Google. My hope is that within ten, certainly twenty years, all of us with photovoltaic panels will find it cost effective to install batteries that will result in a household not needing to draw electricity from the grid for six months of the year.
Jim Wigan
Chairman Tarvin Environment Group

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