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Community Centre 2021 Christmas Quiz Answers

12th January 2022 @ 6:06am – by Ted Lush
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1 Which is the 7th and last of the Harry Potter books? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
2 Which creature in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland gradually disappears until only its grin remains? The Cheshire Cat
3 Which Beatrix Potter character works as a washerwoman? Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
4 Which Hans Christian Anderson character is commemorated by a statue in Copenhagen harbour? The Little Mermaid
5 What was the real name of author Mark Twain? Samuel Langhorne Clemens
6 Who had a black and white cat called Jess? Postman Pat
7 Which poet wrote A Child's Garden of Verses? Robert Louis Stevenson
8 What was the first name of the author who wrote as E Nesbit? Edith
9 Which fictional puppy has parents called Sally and Sam? Spot
10 Which part of England is the setting for Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons? The Lake District
11 In The Jungle Book what is the name of the black panther? Bagheera
12 Who created the picture book The Snowman (later an animated film)? Raymond Briggs
13 Who is the author of the Noughts and Crosses series of books? Malorie Blackman
14 In the Just William books, what is the name of William's gang? The Outlaws
15 What colour is Thomas the Tank Engine? Blue
16 Which children's character first appeared in the Daily Express in November 1920? Rupert Bear
17 Who wrote the best-selling children's books Gangsta Granny and The Boy in the Dress? David Walliams
18 Which Canadian province is the setting for Anne of Green Gables? Prince Edward Island
19 In Little Women which of the March sisters marries Laurie? Amy
20 According to the best-known version of the fairy tale, what did the Three Bears eat for breakfast? Porridge
21 The play Toad of Toad Hall is based on which earlier book? The Wind in the Willows
22 What country does Paddington Bear come from? Peru
23 What is the name of the dog in the Famous Five books? Timmy
24 In which king's reign are the stories of Robin Hood traditionally set? Richard I (Coeur de Lion/Lionheart)
25 According to the poem, who did kill Cock Robin? The Sparrow
26 What nationality is Pippi Longstocking? Swedish
27 In Alison Uttley's stories, who lives with Hare and Squirrel? Little Grey Rabbit
28 In which London park is there a statue of Peter Pan? Kensington Gardens
29 What kind of creature is Dick Bruna's Miffy? Rabbit
30 In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie's surname? Bucket
31 Which fictional character eats one apple on Monday and two pears on Tuesday? The Very Hungry Caterpillar
32 It inspired the title of a 19th century novel and its sequels, but what is a katydid? A bush cricket
33 Ashputtle is the German equivalent of which fairy tale character? Cinderella
34 Which book was the sequel to AA Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh? The House at Pooh Corner
35 Who is the heroine of Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials? Lyra
36 In which book do the Pevensie children enter a land where it is always winter but never Christmas? The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
37 In publishing what is denoted by the letters YA? Young Adult
38 "The King asked the Queen and the Queen asked the Dairymaid" – what? "Could we have some butter for the Royal slice of bread?"
39 Which animal ate all the food and drink in Sophie's house, including all the water from the taps? The Tiger
40 Which 19th century novel tells the story of the Beverley children during the English Civil War? The Children of the New Forest

1 Channel port Dover
2 Robin Hood's green Lincoln
3 Iron Chancellor Bismarck
4 London borough Richmond
5 Home of golf's Masters Augusta
6 Man on the $20 bill Jackson
7 OU on Hull (anag) Honolulu
8 Holy Faith Santa Fe
9 Open military base Frankfort
10 Explorer who sailed on the Santa Maria Columbus
11 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical metropolis Oklahoma City
12 Burton's suffixes transposed Trenton
13 Lincolnshire market town Boston
14 Sounds like Jupiter's consort Juneau
15 A May meadow? Springfield
16 Harmony Concord
17 M. Cardin Pierre
18 Flappers' dance Charleston
19 Former home of the London International Horse Show Olympia
20 French conductor's red stick Baton Rouge
21 Former royal dukedom Albany
22 Bergamo football team has lost a Atlanta
23 Ms Pavlova joins the Scots police Annapolis
24 State has endless shine Indianapolis
25 Tape OK (anag) Topeka
26 Film studio that uses the "Torch Lady" as its logo Columbia
27 Spanish baptism or Eucharist Sacramento
28 Bird that rises from the ashes Phoenix
29 Character in A Midsummer Night's Dream Helena
30 Sir Walter Raleigh
31 A40 or Princess Austin
32 Avenue of advertisers Madison
33 Setting for Miller's Crucible Salem
34 French wood, end of Boulogne Boise
35 Outside Northwich on the West Coast main line Hartford
36 Learner leaves Southern French city Montpelier
37 John sang Annie's song Denver
38 Tribe of the Great Plains Cheyenne
39 Dwayne Johnson mini-me Little Rock
40 Downton Abbey butler's town Carson City

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