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Community Centre Christmas Quiz Answers

12th January 2020 @ 6:06am – by Jane Lush
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christmas quiz


1 Which Scottish city has an outpost of the Victoria and Albert Museum? Dundee
2 Which football league team is nicknamed the Tractor Boys? Ipswich Town
3 What do the French call Christmas? Noel
4 Which James Bond film features a plot to rob Fort Knox? Goldfinger
5 Which is the fifth book of the Old Testament? Deuteronomy
6 "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' " is the opening song of which musical? Oklahoma!
7 Las Vegas is in which US state? Nevada
8 What spirit is used to make a Negroni cocktail? Gin
9 The ringgit is the currency of which country? Malaysia
10 Who composed the Enigma Variations, dedicated to "my friends pictured within"? Edward Elgar
11 Which novelist created the character of Chief Inspector Wexford? Ruth Rendell
12 In 1963, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald? Jack Ruby
13 Which country has the word ISLAND on its stamps? Iceland
14 Which Wiltshire mansion is the seat of the Marquess of Bath? Longleat
15 Which tree has the Latin name Taxus baccata? Yew
16 Which gas makes up around 21% of the Earth's atmosphere? Oxygen
17 Which rock band recorded the 1991 album Nevermind? Nirvana
18 Who was the eldest son of King Priam and the chief hero on the Trojan side in the Trojan War? Hector
19 Who with her husband Ferdinand of Aragon funded Columbus's voyages to the New World? Isabella of Castile
20 Which British PM is associated with Hawarden Castle in Flintshire? Gladstone
21 According to Tolkien, what kind of creature was Bilbo Baggins? Hobbit
22 What kind of triangle has two sides of equal length and one of a different length? Icosceles
23 Who is the manager of the England women's football team? Phil Neville
24 Of what are Fuggle and Goldings varieties? Hops
25 What was signified by the abbreviation IND IMP on a coin of Queen Victoria? Empress of India
26 Baku is the capital of which country? Azerbaijan
27 Which playwright and architect designed Blenheim Palace? Vanbrugh
28 What is the American TV equivalent of the cinema Oscar? Emmy
29 What is the chemical symbol for Sodium? Na
30 On which river does Middlesbrough stand? Tees
31 Which Jewish festival is also known as the Festival of Lights? Hanukkah
32 What are aubergines usually called in the USA? Eggplant
33 In heraldry what colour is known as azure? Blue
34 Which English city did the Romans call Isca Dumnoniorum? Exeter
35 Which organ of the body is commonly called the voice box? Larynx
36 According to the nursery rhyme, who lost her pocket? Lucy Locket
37 How is the Basque city of Donostia known in Spanish? San Sebastian
38 What is the English name for the tree known in Latin as Fraxinus? Ash
39 Which actor founded the Sundance Institute, which takes its name from one of his most famous roles? Robert Redford
40 Bologna is the capital of which Italian region? Emilia-Romagna

The intial letters of the answers spell out the beginning of the Christmas carol "Ding Dong Merrily..."


1 Premium Tennessee whiskey brand Gentleman Jack
2 In short, quite interesting QI
3 Something to read before going to sleep Book at Bedtime
4 10, 9, 8, 7... Countdown
5 (French) helix Spiral
6 What the Queen wears The Crown
7 Ex-Foreign Secretary going cheap Bargain Hunt
8 Closest to the stage Front Row
9 Went whoosh (anag) The Now Show
10 Killings in Irish capital Dublin Murders
11 Bookseller's battles Foyle's War
12 Where Smaug kept his treasure? Dragons Den
13 Hong Kong racecourse Happy Valley
14 Went to Gloucester Doctor Foster
15 Queen and county Victoria Derbyshire
16 Best Dad ever Top of the Pops
17 Tangerine has replaced something much Orange is the New Black
18 Not before noon PM
19 They are famous but futile Pointless Celebrities
20 Close protection officer Bodyguard
21 Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray Cheers
22 These need to be tied up Loose Ends
23 Chap with wife and children Family Guy
24 Her 60 minutes Woman's Hour
25 The day before a murder Killing Eve
26 No longer young in park Poldark
27 American blinkers, looking a bit poorly Peaky Blinders
28 The pursuit (of steeples?) The Chase
29 Three places Location, Location, Location
30 Shopkeeper John? Lewis
31 Dire Straits song Money for Nothing
32 Home in on soccer Football Focus
33 Autumn in the US The Fall
34 Last twenty Final Score
35 The Cheshire Oaks aquarium The Blue Planet
36 Fragile structure House of Cards
37 Modern agriculture Farming Today
38 Outcome of inquiry into accompaniment The Mash Report
39 Ethical labyrinth The Moral Maze
40 Dame Merle (anag) Emmerdale

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