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Community Woodland – Sale of Perennial Plants

15th May 2020 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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The plants will be available from 4, Andrew's Close, Tarvin. CH3 8LN. 01829 741172.

The boxes of plants will go out on our front drive on the morning of Saturday, 16th May 2020 and will remain until the evening of Saturday, 23rd May 2020. Please come at sociable times!

If you can do so, please bring your own bags in which the plants can be taken home. We do have a few bags but, if you need to make use of one of them, please return it to us ASAP, for the use of others later on. Each of the plants will have a label bearing its name and its price – and, often, there will be photographs of the plants when they are in flower. If advice is needed, Jacqui will be on-hand (but at a safe distance!) to answer any of your questions. If you need our attention, it can be attracted by ringing 741172 (don't hesitate to do it – we really don't mind!), or by ringing the doorbell, or (if we are in the garden and all else fails) by giving us a shout from the side gate.

Payments should be put into the honesty pot – either in cash (sorry – the only change available will be whatever happens to be in the pot) or, better, by cheque, made payable to Tarvin Community Woodland Trust. It could also be possible for you to make payment by means of a bank transfer. In this case, the necessary details will be available for you to do so.

If carrying your (already paid-for) plants home would be a problem for you, our delivery service will be available. Your bag(s) of already paid-for plants should be left with Jacqui, ensuring that each bag contains a piece of paper which clearly shows your name, address, telephone number and the fact that you have already paid for the plants. Each evening, the bags of plants will be collected and you will receive a phone call to tell you that they are on their way. Please tell your delivery person where they are to leave your plants.

All of the plants can also be ordered – just call 741172 and Jacqui will set plants on one side for you and agree your payment. Jacqui will also need to note your address and phone number. If you are unable to leave home, then our trusty delivery service will again swing into action. Each evening, the bags of plants will be picked up and you will receive a phone call. On receiving the call, please put your payment (cheques preferred – payable to Tarvin Community Woodland Trust Ltd.) into an envelope and leave it in the place you have agreed with your delivery person. They will collect the payment and leave the bag(s) of plants in the same place. Please do get the bags back to us as soon as you can – we don't have nearly enough!

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